FTIR Analysis

FTIR Analysis

FTIR analysis centers around using light in the infrared spectrum to excite molecules and examine the absorbance rate (or, conversely, reflectance rate) to determine structure and identity. As FTIR is a relatively quick process with broad relevance to many molecules, it helps to form the basis of any material lab investigation into samples of known and unknown compositions.

FTIR Analysis at LTI

An FTIR test is used to assess the purity of some inorganic samples and is highly reliable for identifying polymer composition. FTIR is an excellent general-purpose investigative tool, as it can indicate the amount of material present, making it highly suitable for qualitative and quantitative analysis. 

The Chemistry Lab at Laboratory Testing Inc. performs FTIR analysis with a computerized spectrometer to scan test samples and observe chemical properties. FTIR analysis is a molecular analysis; the test method provides information about the sample material’s molecular structure, not the individual atoms. FTIR tests output an absorbance spectrum that shows the distinct chemical bonds of the sample.

Analyzing Samples in a Variety of Forms

The sample absorbs some radiation during testing, and the rest passes through. Based on the frequencies absorbed, a computational model can work backward using qualitative information to conclude all or part of the sample’s identity. Our FTIR testing lab can analyze solid, liquid, powder, or thin film samples using the following sample preparations:

  • Solids placed on a crystal (ATR)
  • Liquids placed between two sodium chloride plates (Nujol)
  • A thin film set in a cassette
  • A powdered sample mixed with potassium bromide and placed in a pellet (KBr pellet)
  • Identification of organic, polymeric, and some inorganic materials, including sample composition, additives, contaminants, and unknown materials
  • Qualitative and quantitative results
  • Absorbance and transmittance information is available
  • Library of reference spectra

Our Infrared Analysis Is a Green Light for Material Approvals

FTIR analysis complements the range of instrumental and wet chemistry services available at LTI for material characterization and qualitative/quantitative element analysis on various materials. Ultimately, more than one method is needed to characterize a sample adequately; instead, the results of multiple reports can combine to form a collective analytical assessment. You can trust LTI’s experience to craft a unique materials testing plan for your project that is concise and accurate.

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